Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kindergarten. No big thing.

So, Olivia started kindergarten on Monday. She woke up WAY early and then fell back asleep on the couch and then popped up when I said it was time to put on her uniform. Soon, she was ready to go out into the wide, wide world of big kid-dom.

I know this is something of a milestone for most kids (parents). For her, it was no big thing. She was in preschool at the same school for the past two years, all day, 2-3 days a week. She simply moved one classroom over to start kindergarten.

When we walked in, she went immediately to the lockers, found the one with her name on it, hung up her bag and went to play with the other kids. "Wait a minute, I need a picture." Sighing heavily like a teenager embarrassed by her camera-happy Mom, she obligingly moved over to stand in front of her locker for a snapshot.

She managed to put on an excited smile, though.

She was ready. Today is the third day, and she's still popping out of bed, eager to choose a uniform color and get dressed for school. (I love that, by the way. Uniforms rock. SO EASY.)

Today, I am shopping online for a sweatshirt or cardigan that is uniform-appropriate because we had some (very welcome) unseasonably cool weather this mornings. I wasn't expecting that in MID-AUGUST, but we'll take it.

We are still early in this 5-days-a-week school process, but so far it has been good. I am almost as excited about this school year as she is.
OK, family, finish with your pictures already and get out of here. It's school time!

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