Thursday, December 20, 2007

I feel like a bad mom AND a bad employee

The baby is at the sitter today. Trial run, in preparation for a quickly approaching January 2nd, when I have to return to work for two months to transition in a new person to replace me. And between dropping her off and picking her up, running errands and attending meetings, I have allotted a full hour for being in the office. *Sigh* This is hard. And it won't get any easier when I have to be here for a full day.


Jen said...

Yes, but you are not a bad mom. You are a good mom! And I am impressed with you going back to work to transition someone else in. We just had our assistant quit at our office and she only gave us three hours notice. Quit in the morning and was gone before lunch.

Lori said...

You are a great mother! And I can't imagine anyone being a better employee. You are so organized that whoever takes over after you will have it made. You will get through it knowing you will be able to stay home with her. And she is with a trusted friend so she is safe until you can be home full time.