Friday, December 14, 2007

This is only the fifth time I've tried to finish this entry...

This week has been rough. The baby has been cranky, leading to short naps and little time for mommy to get everything done.

We've been sick. We're talking all three of us down with the nastiest 24-hour flu I can remember. Luckily, after her first bout with vomiting and a bit of a fever, the baby slept through most of it. She bounced back pretty quickly. Lucky for us, because my husband and I were doing good to get ourselves upright long enough to feed her. That was our Tuesday. We are thankful that it is over.

We are much better now...finally starting to dig out from under the piles of mail and gifts that keep getting bigger. I'm hoping to get some sense of organization restored to the house this weekend.

I'm woefully behind on reading all of your blogs. I used to wonder why so many mommy blogs were so infrequent in new postings. Now I know. It is nearly impossible some days to even turn on the computer.

Enough complaining for today. Gotta go get something done while the baby sleeps.

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