Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm such a slacker.

It has been a long week.

Thanks be to God, the baby still sleeps well at night. However, the daytime hours have been a bit more challenging. She seems to have some sort of tummy pains right after eating. It's just happened a couple of times, but she screams for what seems like an eternity when this happens, and it's painful. She's also awake more and demanding to be held, which means that Mommy is not getting much done, but if it's all a trade-off for the good night sleeping, then I'll take it.

Milestones this week:

First bath on December 5th. She LOVES the water. She's just fascinated by all this warm wet stuff around her. Maybe it reminds her of the womb. At any rate, baths are definitely a good time.

Moving up to size one diapers (from newborn size). She's squeezing out of those tiny diapers. Size one is still a little big, but she'll quickly fit snug into those, I'm sure.

First all morning scream fest. She must have had some serious tummy problems, because she spit up everything and just CRIED. Arched her back and screamed. Lasted until about 2 p.m., and then she magically turned into the happy baby we are used to seeing. We are hoping not to revisit the screaming anytime soon.

All in all, we are coping well here. For now, I'll leave you with this.

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Jen said...

I expected that you might have been a little busy.

I'm glad she's still sleeping well at night. Do you real Julia's blog, Uncommon Misconception? Her daughters have had some tummy problems. You might get some hints there.

She is just beautiful!