Monday, March 10, 2008

On a schedule...maybe?

Well, this is the start of my first full week as a SAHM. To give this moment a touch of finality, I discovered that my work email account has been canceled, as of this afternoon. Not that I thought I'd have it forever, but I thought it would at least take them a few weeks to pull the switch. So much for copying my email address book...

Anyway, Olivia has been doing amazingly well with the whole napping thing these past few days. Little Miss I'm-too-busy-to-nap usually manages one decent-length nap (1.5 to 2 hours), and the rest are usually around 30-45 minutes in length. But the last few days, she has taken no less than three substantial naps. Maybe she's growing again. Sheesh. The kid is going to end up being TALL.

Besides napping well, she's starting to be on something of a schedule. I don't know whether to attribute this to being home with Mommy or being four months old.

And! Four months! On Wednesday, officially, she'll be four months old. Where does the time go? For your reading pleasure, I will now list her recent accomplishments.

Olivia factoids:

* She can roll over with great ease and WILL NOT stay on her tummy for more than a minute.

* She loves her bouncy chair that hangs from the doorframe. She'll spend the better part of an hour just bouncing and while chewing on her rattle/bib/burp rag/fingers.

* She has great use of her hands. She can grab anything small-ish and bring it straight to her mouth.

* This recent dexterity has resulted in her constant need to pull her pacifier out of her mouth. She doesn't really use her pacifier except to, well, pacify her when she's super tired and needs to settle down and go to sleep. Now, when you try to pacify her, she grabs that pacifier and holds it out in front of her and starts talking to it. "Ahh, gah, ohh, uh"...with a very stern look on her face. It's like she's saying to the pacifier, "I know your are here to put me to sleep. But look here, Mr. Pacifier, I am not ready to go to sleep, so I'm just going to hold you out here and give you a stern talking-to."

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Jen said...

Oh, Olivia is just so cute. I love that she talks to her pacifier.

If you need your email address book from work, give them a call. I know when we lose employees, I don't actually cancel their email accounts until they stop getting work emails. I just change their passwords. :) (And I would be happy to give you your personal contacts if it were up to me.) So, maybe they did that to you.