Friday, March 28, 2008

Organizationally challenged...

Back in the day, before baby, I always envisioned that my SAHM life would be, well, less messy than this.

Our house is not large, but it is sufficient for our current needs. We have our room, the baby's room, the office (third bedroom), and our living and dining spaces. Our closets are not big, which means they are pretty packed, but for the most part our main living spaces always look(ed) nice and neat.

Then we brought Olivia home. The main living area pretty much exploded overnight. Toys, blankets and burp rags littered every available space. The dining room table was hidden under a pile of baby gifts and thank-you notes.

Eventually, the living space became somewhat presentable again (though it's a daily struggle to keep it that way). But in the midst of working for a few months post-baby and trying to just keep our head above the piles of laundry, the office ended up becoming the dumping ground for anything and everything that needed to be removed from the living space for my own sanity. I thought, "No big deal...soon I'll be home all day and can whip that space into shape in no time".

Yeah. Right. Did I somehow miss the sleep-challenged baby and her constant demand for my full and undivided attention?

Well, said baby is currently napping (praise God), and here I am spending my precious organizational minutes blogging about how I can't get organized. Sorry. Guess I just had to vent. I actually used to be pretty organized, so this is requiring some adjustment on my part.

Anyhoo, to further whittle away at my remaining free minutes, I have FINALLY managed to add something of a blog list to my case the three people who read this blog care to know who else I check in on regularly.

Finally, a gratuitous baby pic.

"OK Mom, you can have all the free time you want if you can just find someone else to sit here and hold my hands so I can stand up as much as I want. I just cannot be entertained by merely sitting."


Jen said...

Babies take a lot of stuff! Don't worry, soon she will grow out of it and you can throw it away instead of organizing it. :)

Southern Comfortable said...

That's actually one of the things that I worry about. We live in a small-ish townhouse right now, and I like to have things really organized. When we finally have a little one in the house, am I going to be able to keep it that way? Sounds like it will be pretty difficult . . . .