Friday, June 20, 2008

If you're only here to read about the baby, you can skip this post.

I'm pretty accustomed to blood tests. Since I was a kid, I've had labs done at least twice a year to monitor a chronic problem I had developed as a child. Over the past several years, my visits to the lab have increased as we've been trying to fix and measure my hormones with this infertility mess. And, since I visited with some frequency, the nurse working the lab and I became friendly. Not to the point where we actually exchanged phone numbers or anything, but she remembered me and we would engaged in friendly chit-chat about her kids, our husbands, the weather, etc. It made the whole needle-in-my-arm thing a bit more bearable.

Three months ago, I had some labs done at the same lab and found a new nurse working there. She was not friendly or even nice, and I hoped that she was a fill-in and just having a bad day.

No such luck. I had labs to do this week and found the same not-nice nurse. I had Olivia with me and she was at her adorable best...smiling and babbling and entertaining all the people in the waiting room. Nurse Evil was not impressed. As the other nurse was going through my data on the computer, Nurse Evil asked if my information was the same. No, I informed her, I have a new insurance card. Nurse Evil inquired if I was still employed full time. No, I'm doing this full time, motioning to Olivia. She scowled and barked to the computer nurse "Unemployed". No smile, no polite remarks, nothing. She was really irked when I pointed out that the lab sheet also asked for a u/a, which she had overlooked. (I've done this before.) No apologies. Just threw a cup at me and pointed to the bathroom.


So, I'm seriously considering switching to the main hospital outpatient lab...the place where I have, in the past, been kept waiting for LONG periods of time only to be jabbed by rushed and bruise-inducing nurses. I've always hated that place because I felt like a number and didn't really get the personal attention and small talk that I got at the other lab. Although my recent experience makes me think it may be preferable.

What is it with people? I have no patience for anyone with no sense for customer service. It's just common decency. Show some respect for other humans. Seriously.

On the flip side, I also visited my FABULOUS Ob/Gyn this week. I know a lot of people dread doctor visits, but the people at this office are so great, I can't help but leave with a feeling that they care about me and what happens to me. That's a great feeling. Equally great is knowing that my doctor is a good Catholic NaproTechnology-trained physician who is working hard to figure out what's causing my ovulatory problem and helping me treat it in ways that are 100% compatible with my faith. I trust him with my life, and my visits are always worthwhile, even though I have to drive several hours to see him.

So today is shaping up to be a rainy, gloomy day. And I have laundry to fold before the wee one wakes up, so off I go...

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Jen said...

Maybe you could find a new lab completely with a good nurse? I know my doctor's office has a bunch of different labs that they use, so that you can be closer to where you live.