Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer breeze

We have had extremely nice weather in these parts for the past ten days or so. The temps have been in the 80s with low humidity, making the air feel fabulous.

Our way of enjoying such weather is to eat dinner every night on our screened-in porch. This is, perhaps, my favorite "room" in the house, but we don't get to use it much because of the nasty humidity we usually have in the summer.

Olivia enjoys meals on the porch. She usually chews on toast or a cracker while we eat, and then we feed her vegetables or some other sort of pureed delicacy. If we are lucky, she'll play with her spoon for awhile after eating. This buys us some time to just sit and relax and enjoy the breeze. This is the scene from yesterday:

She began by chewing on her spoon and banging it on the tray happily.

Then she held it up to her eye and took a long look at it...

...and then she flung it.

At this point, she was ready for a bath (having bits and pieces of cracker and sweet potatoes stuck in her hair). We went for a long walk after her bath, another favorite pastime in seasonable weather. Ah, summer. But today we return to 90s and humidity. Blech.

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Jen said...

Good spoon action shot! I am impressed with the throwing skills and also the photography skills!