Sunday, July 6, 2008

The bombs bursting in air...

This 4th of July weekend was quite eventful for us, despite Olivia's recent illness. She was a little tired, but other than that she was back to her usual self.

On Friday, we spent the afternoon at a family gathering with about 25 members of my extended family. It was fun, but a little exhausting for our tired little girl. She spent a lot of time chillin' outside.

After a good nap in the late afternoon, Olivia wasn't really tired at her regular bedtime, so we decided to drive a couple of miles over to where the local fireworks display was going to be. We parked and got Olivia out of her seat so she could watch. I REALLY wish I had taken my camera with me. While we were waiting, she stood in Daddy's lap and played with the steering wheel. It was so cute. And when the fireworks started with a bunch of really bright flares, she just stared in awe.

Overall, the fireworks were more fun for us than they were for her. After awhile, she got bored and started playing with the steering wheel again. I was glad that we got to go, though. Fireworks were always one of my favorite things about summer. While we may make the fireworks an annual tradition for our family, I pray that our children will never have to witness what they actually represent.

We had a bridal shower to attend on Saturday, and today we played in the yard and then had some family over for a cookout at our house. Olivia enjoyed playing with the neighbor's dog.

It was a great weekend, but Olivia was worn out! She went to bed early tonight. I think we'll keep it pretty low key tomorrow. Lots of napping and relaxing at home.

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Jen said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend, even if everyone is extra tired now.