Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now appearing...

Olivia's top teeth are finally popping through. It seems she's been working on these particular teeth for months. MONTHS! But now she has some sharpness pointing through the gums on her two front teeth on top, and I'm almost positive that there's a third one coming in right next to them.

She's been really, really tired lately. She still plays hard when she's awake, and during those playtimes I wonder where she gets her seemingly vast reserves of energy. But then, without warning, she'll start fussing and want to cuddle and immediately you know it's time for nap.

Naps have been blissfully long. I'm attributing this to teething, but it could very well be a growth spurt too. And, thankfully, she's back to the "easy down" nap method...no more climbing in the crib. I put her down awake, give her a pacifier and a blanket to cuddle, and leave the room. She's asleep within minutes. She knows the drill and enjoys her naptime.

I don't want to look at the river. Can't you see I'm tired. Where's my bed?

In other news, 8 months is a fabulous age! Olivia can eat more things with her fingers now, which she LOVES TO DO. She has a bad habit of reaching up and pulling on her hair when she's full, which means that we spend a lot more time washing bananas and bits of carrot out of her hair, but she's just having so much fun with the finger foods that it's hard to be upset about a little food in the hair.

Also! My baby has become a giggle machine. When she's awake and happy and playing, it takes almost nothing to get her to giggle. I can crawl up to her slowly and do the "Jaws" theme, and even though she has no context for knowing what that even means, she just squeals and giggles and crawls away as fast as she can. She thinks I'm hilarious. It's very flattering.

On Friday, Olivia learned to say Mom. Not Mama. It's Mom, or Mom-Mom. It's so, so cute. I don't actually believe she knows what it means, but she likes saying it. And I LOVE hearing it. I couldn't have imagined how much joy one little word would give me.

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Jen said...

You'll have to get her a little mealtime hat to wear.

She is so cute!