Monday, July 28, 2008

Here and there

My mind is bouncing around today.

Olivia is growing at an alarming rate. Well, not alarming, really, except for the fact that she is too tall for her tops and too skinny for the matching shorts. Where are the tall boutiques for babies? I mean, for adults you have Big & Tall, Petite, and Plus Size stores. Then, for the ultra skinny, the Juniors department. (Seriously, when did teens evolve into beanpoles with attitudes?) There are all kinds of stores that cater to the size-specific needs of a vast array of adults, but apparently babies are all supposed to be proportioned exactly the same as every other baby within their 3-month age range of clothing options.

Whenever I'm really tired, I tend to dream about trying to calm Olivia down so we can rest (because she is apparently the main reason for my exhaustion). It doesn't happen often. We are actually pretty well-rested in this house. Olivia sleeps ten hours at night, unless we put her to bed late. Then she insists on waking up early. I don't see the logic in this, but it is what she does.

When Olivia was teeny, my dreams revolved around actually putting her to sleep. This was back when she required rocking, patting and soothing to fall asleep. So, in my dream I would imagine that I have her lying on my chest and I'm patting her back to help her fall asleep. I would usually wake up and realize that I'd been patting my own chest or belly in the midst of this dream.

A few nights ago, I had the dream again, only this time I dreamed that Olivia was crawling all over our bed. I leaned over to grab her, stroked her back and patted her (in my dream). Turns out, I was patting my husband's shoulder. He woke up and said "What?". Which confused the heck out of me, and it took me a few seconds to realize that Olivia wasn't crawling in our bed...she was in her own bed, asleep.

Speaking of beds (random transition), Olivia fell off of ours this morning. She was playing and I was watching her climb on pillows. I turned around for ONE SECOND to get the laundry basket off of the floor, and when I looked back at the bed, she was tumbling to the floor. It was AWFUL. She screamed for five solid minutes, flailing around, alternating between crying into my shoulder and leaning back to look at me and "explain" what happened through her sobs. A half-hour later, she was playing and babbling happily again, but I think we will not be climbing on beds anymore.

We were at a family reunion yesterday, and Olivia played in little kiddie pool with about eight other little girls (second cousins to Olivia), all age 4 and under. They kept jumping in and out, and mommies everywhere were saying "watch out for the baby", but Olivia was loving it...crawling here and there, watching the other kids. It didn't bother her at all that they were a little, um, crazy. I think she enjoyed herself immensely.

See my teeth?

She's a very social baby. Just like her Grandpa, she has never met a stranger.


Jen said...

Lovely teeth!

I think all babies fall off beds at some point.

I love that you dream about putting her back to sleep.

Karalee said...

Her personality seems so much like Lily's! And don't feel too badly about the bed incident. Lily has fallen off our couch more times than I care to count. You'd think she'd learn:)

Your dreams are too funny. :)