Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mom, would you PLEASE stick a bow in my hair?

This morning, we visited Daddy at work. I had dressed Olivia in a blue outfit (and no, dang it, I didn't think to bring the camera) that has flowers and butterflies on it. It was matching pants, onesie and sweater. And several people (those who don't already know her) mistook her for a boy. *Sigh*

I guess I'm just going to have to start carrying a white bow everywhere I go. The problem with that is that she will pull it out immediately if she realizes it's in her hair. It's not that she doesn't like bows, it's just that she's very into doing things herself, so she'll pull it out and then try to put it back in her own hair, or in my hair or Daddy's hair. She's into equal opportunity for bows.

We are going back to Daddy's office on Friday to "trick-or-treat" around his office. I've heard that his department is really looking forward to it. I was too until today, when I realized how totally uncomfortable it's going to be for my warm-natured girl. See, Daddy works in an old building that is heated with a boiler or something, and it is like a sauna in there during the winter. Olivia is going to burn up in her monkey costume. I think I may let her be n@ked under the costume just to make up for it, instead of putting her in a onesie. The less clothing under there, the better.

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Jen said...

At my college, we had to wear our "academic attire" (graduation gown, basically) for lots of things. It was horribly hot. I started wearing nothing underneath it. :)

I don't get why people assume babies are boys if they wear blue. Especially girly blue!