Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Such a sweet little girl

I am constantly amazed at how my tiny baby has morphed into a little girl all of a sudden. And with such a loving little personality.

Olivia was never one for cuddling. She was always too busy looking around to lay her head on your shoulder or wrap her arms around your neck.

Not any more. She still doesn't stay in one place for long, but even in the midst of her busy little mad dash around the living room, she frequently stops to smile her biggest smile and come over to Mommy for a hug. She can give kisses now, too, and when she's in the mood to give them, she'll give them to just about anyone.

Olivia has also learned how to blow kisses. It is SO CUTE! She does them alternately with one hand and with two hands, and she often adds a sound effect...Mmmmwaah!

It is especially adorable to watch how she sends Daddy off to work or greets him when he gets home. Especially the getting home...she'll reach out and wrap her arms around his neck until he scoops her up and carries her around for a bit. He's also the most successful at getting her to give kisses.

Her mischievous side is starting to come out more and more. She enjoys doing exactly what she's not supposed to do. The most recent annoyance is biting. She has never actually sunk teeth into flesh, but she teases as if she's going to. She will walk up and put her mouth on your knee, watching you out of the corner of her eye all the while. When you react and say "No biting!", she throws her head back and laughs. Which is a little unsettling, because if she associates biting with laughing, we may be in trouble.

Two more teeth have made their appearance in the last few days. Now she has four on bottom and top...eight perfect little teeth. I'm just thankful that they are arriving in an orderly fashion and without much drama. I can't imagine how she'd look if she had a rogue snaggletooth hanging around on the side of her mouth or something.


Brian said...

Asher went through a biting phase. We told him what he could bite (his blanket) and it took some of the fun out of it. He was about Olivia's age when he did it, too - for him it was mostly about teething, I think.

Asher is in this phase where when he sees you, he'll say "Hey Mama!" It's adorable.

I love the age Olivia's at, though. You see so much of their personality about that time.

Brian said...

(that's Stephanie on Brian's computer, sorry)

Jen said...

She sounds like she has a lovely personality.