Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One nap is a good thing, really!

Olivia seems to be changing fast. I mentioned a few weeks ago that she seemed to be transitioning to a one-nap schedule. I'm fairly confident that she is now firmly settled into that schedule.

Now I wasn't really sure I was ready for the idea of my baby being awake most of the day because she's not exactly the type to let me get anything substantial done while she's up. There are things to do! Birds to watch and dancing to do and things to point at! Busy, busy, busy. And don't you even try to stand there and do the dishes, Mommy, or I'll wrap my arms around your leg and hold on tight until you come and play with me!

But I have to admit, it has been really nice. I am getting better at being Olivia's playmate, and the morning really does fly by most days. She typically takes a good 3-hour nap, and then we only have a couple of hours to fill before Daddy gets home. The difficulty is dealing with that last 30 minutes before lunch. That's when she really starts to get grumpy.

Lunch for Olivia is usually at 11:00, and even that is sometimes a bit of a stretch. Like today, for example. My husband called at 10:30, and you would think the world was coming to an end because for five minutes MOMMY IS NOT GIVING ME HER UNDIVIDED ATTENTION and I MUST CLIMB ON HER AND GRAB AT THE PHONE UNTIL SHE GIVES IT TO ME SO I CAN TALK TO DADDY and OH NO YOU DIDN'T JUST HANG UP WITHOUT LETTING ME TALK TO HIM! WHAAAAAAAH!

So we had lunch at 10:45 today.

Our usual schedule is lunch, followed immediately by bottle and nap. She decided to skip the bottle today.

She has only done this once before and she was very sick that day. So this caught me a bit by surprise. But it has given me an idea about how to start weaning her from formula. I suppose it's about time to start that process. She takes four bottles a day, but she's becoming less and less interested in her daytime bottles. Her morning bottle is really the only one she's super excited about, and she doesn't always finish that one either. So it looks like the lunchtime bottle is the first to go. We'll wait a couple weeks, I think, to eliminate another, though. I'm not quite ready to surrender by baby to this new toddler-like figure that is taking her place.


Jen said...

That is what we had to do at daycare somedays. Lunch sometimes happened before 11:00, so that nap could be a little early.

maggie said...


Jack's lunchtime is 11 too, and some days that's pushing it. And only twice has he fallen asleep in his high chair and the first time it was because he was sick!