Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A very tired girl

Wow! What a week. It seems like we've been running non-stop for days.

This weekend, we traveled six hours for an anniversary party for my husband's aunt and uncle. We took the van and brought Grammy and Grampy with us. Olivia's not very good at sitting still, but she did take an acceptable nap both days in the car, and she slept amazingly well in the hotel. This is the first time that a hotel stay with her wasn't a complete nightmare, so that was good.

Of course, all the traveling around is a little exhausting, and her 90 minute car naps are not equal to her regular naps in length or quality of sleep. And then, on Monday, we spent the day with my parents and family. Olivia played and played with all her little cousins, and she napped when they did. But again, it was only a 90 minute nap. And then we stayed late because of the gift opening and the chaos that ensued afterward, so she was late getting to bed that day.

Yesterday, for obvious reasons, I put her down early for her nap. Then I thought I'd get a head start on laundry and on putting away Christmas decorations (something I usually don't do until after epiphany, but kids change things, you know). I finished ALL of the Christmas clean-up and three loads of laundry while my husband sorted recycling and took it away with the trash, and then made lunch. It was an amazingly productive day.

Why, you ask? Because Olivia slept for FOUR SOLID HOURS. Oh yes.

I guess three straight days of being off schedule with shorter-than-normal naps and greater-than-normal activity is pretty exhausting for a little kid.

I'm looking forward to getting back on a regular schedule. I've enjoyed having my husband at home and visiting family and friends, but all of my regular everyday stuff has been neglected. Important things, like blogging, you know!

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Christmas. The partying is not over yet! Happy New Year to you and yours, and stay safe as you continue to celebrate the season.

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