Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ah, Spring! (by Olivia)

Hi! Mom told me I could blog for her today. I guess she is getting tired of pulling me off the computer and is finally going to let me have a turn. I've been sneaking over to the computer every chance I get because it's the most interesting thing in the house. It has so many buttons! Buttons are cool.

Yesterday, Mommy and I went outside. Mommy said it's been too cold to go out until now. Boy am I glad that "cold" went away. I like outside!

We went walking down the street for awhile. Mommy kept telling me to keep walking, but I like to stop and observe things. Yesterday, I saw a lot of sticks on the ground. Mommy said that's because it has been windy and branches are falling out of trees sometimes. That's OK with me. Sticks are fun. We also saw some rocks and leaves. I like picking those things up, but Mommy always makes me put them back. I'm not sure how she expects me to start my stick/rock/leaf collection if she doesn't let me keep some of them.

We saw a lot of cars drive by on another highway. I like cars. I like to tell Mommy when I see a car or truck or bus. I think it's important that she knows I know the difference.
Some of the cars drove right by us, and I liked to look close to see if the people inside were waving at me. It's important to me to know if people are friendly.
Mommy let me play in the backyard for awhile too, but we don't really have anything fun back there except the big rocks by the tree. They make a nice little place for me to sit, but that's about it. Mommy says that we can go to the park more often if it stays warm. Please, stay warm! I love the park!
I'm taking Mommy to playdate tomorrow. She misses her friends, and it's important for her to see them sometimes. I like playing with the other kids too, but I mostly go just so Mommy can be happy.

Gotta go. I'm supposed to rest up so we can go watch Daddy bowl tonight. I LOVE to watch Daddy bowl.


Jen said...

Hi, Olivia! It looks like a fun day. I would wave at you from my car.

Lizzie said...

Oh my goodness, Olivia. Somehow you went from "baby" to "kid" in record speed. And what a gorgeous kid you are!