Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I had grand and glorious plans for getting out of the house and getting things done this afternoon, after Olivia's nap. I went out to put some things in the van and noticed that the lights were weak. So I tried the key. Nothing.

My van battery is dead. For the second time. In a month.

It is a new battery (bought in October). I can't find any reason why it should be running down.

I'm frustrated, not just because of the battery but because there seems to be something mysteriously wrong with this vehicle and we can't figure it out. For two months now, it has been showing signs of some sort of electrical problem, but our mechanic couldn't find anything. The radio and clock work only intermittently (about 15 minutes a week or less). Sometimes the clock shows 12:00, sometimes nothing. When it is working, it shows 12:00 and then starts counting minutes, but most of the time it just sticks on 12:00.

And Sunday, the power windows decided to intermittently stop working.

Thankfully, we have a third vehicle...a truck which is stored in my parents' shed in the winter when we are not using it. It's small and we can't use it with Olivia, but my husband can certainly drive it to work while the van is in the shop.

But for today, I am housebound until my husband gets home. So much for my plans...

Olivia is finally up from her marathon nap, so I should go get her out of bed.

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Jen said...

That is frustrating! Matt's battery died recently because we hadn't been putting water in it. Did you know that some batteries need water? I was shocked. I thought only puppies needed water.