Monday, March 2, 2009

Detest, despise, etc.

Cold, windy weather. I hate it. It looks all sunny outside, and then you step out just to be smacked in the face by some stinging cold wind.

I've got some fierce cabin fever here. Olivia and I sit inside day after day, playing with the same toys, struggling over not climbing the same things I told her not to climb two minutes ago, looking outside at the "PUPPIES!" and "CARS" and not actually able to go out to play.

Even out outings have lost their appeal. Sure, it's preferable to NOT going out for shopping/playdate/errands. But we are still cooped up inside a building. Enough, already, cold weather!

The sun is out, and I'm feeling gloomy. Warmer weather is coming on Wednesday, they say. Let's hope it stays!


Jen said...

I hope it warms up for you soon!

Stephanie said...

It really is miserable.

When I was homebound with a newborn and Asher was about Olivia's age, I made a fun box. It had crayons, bubbles, stickers - anything fun, novel, and cheap to entertain us for a while. It did wonders. A little structured time helped calm him down and broke up the day so well for us.