Monday, December 21, 2009

I understand why there are so few blog posts in December

A handful of you are still blogging this month. Even fewer of you STILL COMMENT. (Ahem. Yes, I'm talking to you.)

But I do not hold it against you. I'm finding it difficult to find time for this space myself. It's not that I don't have things to say. I'm just a little too busy basking in the holiday bustle to really take time to say them.

A few quick updates:

1. The boys are on Christmas break with their schoolteacher parents. Addie is still here today and tomorrow (different school systems), and then she's on break. No more babysitting until January 4th. I love that I have built-in vacations.

2. We have plans, plans and more plans, starting Thursday and going into Tuesday of next week. Each day we are doing SOMETHING with our families. Then on Jan 2 and 3, we have extended family parties. I'm already starting to try to figure out a tactical plan for how to deal with Olivia. It will be easier this year, but she's still very much in need of a schedule, so naps and regular-ish bedtimes are important.

3. Also, I'm trying to decide when Santa will arrive. Olivia is two, so she doesn't know the difference between Christmas Day and any other day. We'll have a short amount of time on Christmas morning because we'll need to get ready to head to Church, and I want Olivia to have more time to get bored with her toys before we whisk her away from them. So we're still working on those plans.

I probably won't be here much over the break. Too much activity going on to stop and blog. I'll try to stop and post some pictures when we get a minute.

For now: The Christmas wear:

Christmas dress #1
She wore this to Church this past Sunday. It's a bit too small...a 24 month! She hasn't worn a 24 month...well, ever! I think she skipped a whole size. Anyway, it was a bit short, but she wore it to Church on Sunday anyway.

She had the cutest little coat to wear over it!

Christmas dress #2
I think she'll wear this one to Mass on Christmas Day. I hate Christmas dresses with short sleeves, but this is our best option of the hand-me-downs in her current size, and she moves around so much that she is never cold for very long anyway. Now I just have to find a cute ribbon in that color of green. Or red!
Happy Feast of the Incarnation!

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Lizzie said...

Fancy! It's amazing how grown up Olivia looks all dressed up. So big!