Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday shopping tip of the day

In a weird episode of role reversal, I am working at home today (sitting on babies), and my husband is "in town" shopping, something Olivia and I would do once a week or more before the school year started. He took the day off for a dentist appointment and is killing time by running errands and spending the whole day "in town". This is, for him, preferable to spending his morning off at home watching small children trash the living room. And I think he's having fun.

Anyhoo...he was sent in search of some cords and things for our new DVD recorder, a Christmas present we bought for ourselves on Black Friday. We can't get it to work and figured we didn't have the right equipment.

Strange you have difficulty buying gifts for yourself and then saving them until Christmas? We have, so far, bought ourselves three techno-gadget things. Two of them are already out of the box and hooked up to other things. The other one (which Joe picked up today) is bound to be in use by the end of the evening. We're not into buying each other gifts for Christmas...instead we just decide what we want to spend our budgeted Christmas family money on and then we buy it (and use it immediately). Olivia will be the only one opening gifts at our house on Christmas morning, but I think that's OK.

So, while Joe was at the big electronics store looking for info on our DVD recorder, he saw the ipod docking station that we were looking at on Friday. It's just a little thing, but it has OK sound and was on sale for $30, so we were going to buy it then. But they had sold out. Bummer.

He saw today that they had more in stock. List price was $50 or something. A salesman asked if he could help, and he mentioned that we saw these for $30 on Friday. "But I guess that was just an after-Thanksgiving sale, huh?" The salesguy said he would check to see if he could sell it for the sale price. And sure enough! He bought the docking station for $ (which we will, of course, set up and use as soon as he gets home).

So, the tip of the day is...ALWAYS ASK! The worst they can say is "No", but if you ask you just might get to keep that extra $20 in your pocket.

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