Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas tree and finish line

I love long weekends, and the babysitting job makes me appreciate them all the more. We had a wonderful time, enjoying visits with family and getting a little extra sleep. It was refreshing and actually FELT like four days, and not shorter. Perfect.

We topped off the weekend by helping my Mom put up our Christmas tree at her house. I love our tree. It's big and full and beautiful, but if you remember, it takes up a fourth of our living room. Well, not actually a fourth, but it definitely dominates one quadrant and crowds our patio door. So this year, I asked Mom if she'd like to trade trees.

Mom and Dad also have a 7-foot tree, but theirs is different. While ours is about as wide as it is tall and has a frillion branches to assemble, theirs is a lot more narrow and is SO easy to assemble. In fact, it's built a little like an umbrella that's only opened a little bit. The branches hook on at the top and lean against a hoop near the bottom to make the tree shape. It's hard to describe...I don't even think they make them like this anymore. Let's just say it suits our living space much better than our massive tree. And simplicity of assembly is key since it's not going up this year until about the 21st (after the kiddos go on Christmas break, because I'm not fighting the "keep away from the tree" battle with THREE toddlers) and will come back down the weekend after New Year's Day. Since it will only be up about two weeks, I didn't want to spend a LOT of time putting it up.

All this is a long way to say that we spent our evening helping Grandma put up her "new" tree. And it looks FABULOUS in their great-room, which is huge and spacious and has a picture window. Perfect for such a tree as ours.
Grandma's tree looks just like ours, Mom!

I made it through National Blog Posting Month. I think I'll take a few days off...I'll spend my time putting up all of my garlands and wreaths and up-high lights where the toddlers can't get them. Nothing like a little Christmas decorating to take my mind off of the cold and dreary weather.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

The tree looks beautiful!