Friday, November 20, 2009

National Adoption Day is tomorrow

Did you know that tomorrow is National Adoption Day? It also happens to be my birthday. We have plans to celebrate the birthday, but I think we will take some time also to recognize the importance of adoption in our lives.

Go now and read this post by one of my favorite bloggers. She discusses a topic that has been on my mind as Olivia grows. We haven't had to deal with much of the brokenness yet (Olivia's only two and has been with us since birth, so we haven't had to deal with her confusion over adoption yet). But occasionally I sit and think about her birthmom and the situation that she was in the last time we had contact with her. And I'm saddened that it's not a perfect world and we lost touch and I can't get to know her better. It would have provided me with some insight into my daughter's little quirks. It would have provided Olivia with an opportunity to know more about herself as she grows.

It hurts me to know that my daughter will likely have fears and insecurities and feelings of abandonment someday, and I can't protect her from that. All I can do is give her all the love I can and be as honest as possible and pray that God heals the brokenness in her little heart.

On another note, I promised stats from yesterday's 2-year appointment. They are as follows:

Weight: 34.4 lbs - 98.5 percentile

Height: 38 inches - 99.95 percentile

Still within the range of the charts, but just barely. She is tall and all muscle. Also, a breakthrough...instead of screaming through the whole appointment (she had serious white-coat syndrome), she only screamed for a few minutes until the doctor and I were able to convince her that there would be no shots and then she was cooperative for the rest of the appointment. She even hugged the doctor at the end. Major improvement.

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