Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh yes, it's Monday

Everyone is out-of-sorts today. Jake got up too early because his baby brother got up to early...early enough that Luke napped before showing up here today, throwing the whole morning into a tailspin. Addie must have also been tired, because she spent a good portion of the day laying on the floor as if she were trying to catch a little snooze. The only one who should be fine because she slept well last night was Olivia, and she was acting grumpy just because the others were.

I spent the whole morning trying to manipulate Luke's schedule so that he'd nap when the other kids were napping. This resulted in a morning-long scream fest. He couldn't decide if he was more hungry than he was tired or more tired than he was hungry. So the screaming was interrupted only by eating and napping. He was utterly unsatisfied with the five ounces he received at each feeding, which led to more screaming, and he was unable to stay asleep for long. I finally resolved to do anything I could to keep him awake until after lunch so that I could feed him AGAIN (totally off schedule, but guaranteed to calm him down enough for a long nap) and put him to bed. It worked, but the price was a constant background noise of baby screams until after lunch.

Thank heavens this is a short week. Which, of course, is bound to make NEXT Monday even more challenging. But a holiday worth it.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

One grump can throw the rest of them off.