Friday, November 13, 2009

Seven Olivia-isms

1. "No, Daddy! Stop talking to Mommy! Just talk to Livia." She says this when we are talking about adult topics, like politics or work or current events. I guess she doesn't like the tone we use when we are talking about things that don't involve her. So she insists that we talk to her instead. It's funny, but also annoying.

2. Last week, I was driving and Olivia was pitching a fit about something from her car seat. I wanted to say "Chill out and quiet down," but it came out as, "Chill down, Olivia." She immediately fired back, "No, YOU chill down Mommy." I laughed. I know this is technically talking back, but it was just so funny.

3. "I want my happy birthday time." She has been saying this since Wednesday. She thinks the word "happy" automatically goes with "birthday," and she's been doing this for awhile. Most recently it was "Grandpa's happy birthday today" and "Uncle Jared's happy birthday today."

4. Also in the birthday-related field, Olivia has been singing the happy birthday song all week. We've encouraged it because it was her birthday week, but she got tired of singing to herself, so some of her song versions included, "Happy Birthday to Chicken Nuggets" and "Happy Birthday to WalM*rt."

5. "Just one more, OK Mommy?" Olivia has mastered bargaining. She finishes her snack or dessert and says, "I want some more raisins (or pretzels or cheese or whatever she's eating)." And I tell her that we've had enough for now, and she says, "Just one more, OK Mommy? That's all."

6. "I want my special treat." We've started using "special treat" to refer to candy that we bribe her with when we need her to do something. You think kids will forget these things, but they don't. At least she doesn't. She keeps asking for the special treat until she gets it. But it is very effective in getting her to sit still long enough to use the potty (usually she's too distracted). So I have a feeling that when we get serious about potty training, we're going to have a kid on a constant sugar-high.

7. "PLEASE, Mommy. Have some milk, Mommy?" She bends her knees and crouches down as she says "please", as in the perfect pleading position. She uses the same formula for anything that she's asking for when I ask her to ask nicely.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I really enjoy that she sang happy birthday to the chicken nuggets.