Sunday, November 22, 2009

Highlights usually come from the toddler

Yesterday was fun. We deposited the toddler at her Grandma's house, where she was happy as a lark all day. She got to "help" Grandma and Aunt Lori as they washed the car and hung out the laundry. She took a nap with Grandpa. She had an overall good day at one of her favorite places.

Meanwhile, we took a scenic train tour, did some Christmas shopping and had a nice dinner out. Very low-stress (sans toddler) and very enjoyable.

When we were picking up Olivia and getting ready to leave for home, Aunt Lori pulled her long hair up into a twist with hair sticking up at the top. Olivia watched this and said, "No, Aunt Lori, don't do that. Your hair is upside down. Don't put your hair upside down." And we ALL had a good laugh.