Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Observations and News

1. I got a check this week that had my last name spelled wrong. It's a pretty common occurrence to see my name spelled wrong, but it blows me away every time. Why? Because our name is so common. But there are several families in our area (most of them prominent families) whose name sounds like ours but is spelled differently, so people always default to the other spelling. To illustrate, imagine that our name is "Beaker" (it's not...this is for illustration purposes only). The other families in our area with that name would spell it "Buecher" and pronounce it the same way. That is how it is. Except that our name is WAY more common and way easier to spell. And people often get it wrong. Which, I guess, is why the bank cashed the check without any questions. I'm sure they understand the mistake, given that most of the "Beakers" in our area are spelled "Buecher".

2. Does it seem like everyone is jumping on the Christmas bandwagon a little early this year? I remember once thinking that putting up decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving was early. Now, everyone in our neighborhood has already had their homes decorated for TWO WEEKS. Thanksgiving, it seems, is now just a reason for a long weekend. *Sigh*

3. My husband has been home a couple of days this week, using up vacation days before the end of the year. He has helped ease my babysitting chores a great deal by holding the baby. It's amazing how much easier this job seems when someone else is holding the baby. Especially so since the baby has decided that he will scream if no one is holding him. Sheesh. Also, I think Luke is transitioning to two long naps instead of several short naps a day. This should make life easier around here.

4. I have a new niece! She was born last night. On her due date. There was a lot of uncertainty about that, since she didn't seem to have any plans to move toward making her appearance as of last weekend. As it turns out, she DID get the memo about her due date and decided to arrive promptly. There was enough stress on Mom and baby that at some point the doctor decided to do a c-section, which means that they'll be stuck in the hospital over Thanksgiving. But this is their first child, so I'm sure they will be so enamored with her that they won't even notice.

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Lizzie said...

Ditto on the Christmas decorating! I like to put our decorations up by the beginning of Advent - which happens to be the weekend after Thanksgiving this year! It seems early to me, too.