Thursday, January 13, 2011


This morning, due to some severe complications, Samantha lost the baby in her womb...and her womb. She had hoped to get her life together and be a Mom again, perhaps to this baby, or to another in the future. Instead, she lost her baby and her ability to bear children.

Samantha is twenty three.

I hope and pray that she can continue to move forward with her life. She had plans to continue her education, to get her own apartment, to leave her abusive situation. Now I'm afraid that she'll slip into depression and dependence and will take a few steps backward, instead of forward.

She could use your prayers.

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Paul, OSB said...

Very sorry to hear that, Lisa. I'll certainly keep you and her in my prayers. I don't normally check your blog, but I figured you might have an update on her situation. I can't even imagine how sad she must feel, and you for her.