Thursday, January 13, 2011


I spoke with Samantha this afternoon. She feels awful, as expected post-surgery. But her doctors say the surgery was successful and that she should have a smooth recovery. Her heart may take awhile to heal. Please keep those prayers coming...

Last night, we visited Samantha in the hospital. Olivia was a balm to her wounded spirit. She asked about the wires and tubes, and we told her that "Miss Samantha has sickness in her belly and the doctor has to go in and fix it."

Olivia: "Can I say a prayer and ask Jesus to take away Miss Samantha's sick?"
Samantha: "Of course you can. I would love you to say a prayer for me."
Olivia: "Ok! Jesus, will you please make Miss Samantha's sick go away so she can feel all better?"
Samantha: "Oh, that's so sweet!"
Olivia: "Can I say Trey's Prayer? (Singing to tune of Frere Jacque) God Our Father, God Our Father, He's So Good, He's So Good..."

(She also followed that with our "superman" meal prayer, which is also sung. She was in full-on praying mode.)

Needless to say, she was the bright spot in Samantha's day. In mine too. She ended the evening by giving Samantha a dozen hugs and kisses. I think it was just what Samantha needed.

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