Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday recap in photos

Here we are, back to "normal" with babysitting and a regular routine after a week-and-a-half "off". It was fun, if exhausting. The little cousins had a cold, which we caught and now have. And let me tell you...those cousin-colds pack a punch. We are dragging here, folks.

So, here's the reader's digest version of Christmas 2010.

Christmas morning, Olivia came out of her room around 6:20 and found her requested trampoline. Then she just stood on it in a daze for awhile.
One of the first gifts she opened was a microphone. And then she didn't want to open any more gifts. She was in love.

BUT THEN. She opened the guitar. And it was all over for the rest of the gifts.
Rock on! We had to bribe her to open the rest, and she eventually did. Then we got all dressed up and went to Church. In the snow. We rarely see a white Christmas here.

Christmas Day, in the afternoon, we headed to Grammy and Grampy's. A lot of fun was had and a lot of gifts were opened. Funny how one of the least expensive gifts brought some of the most fun (and laughs). Hello, Green Hornet.

A couple of days later, we had Christmas with my parents and family. There are a billion pictures with a billion faces, and since I won't show those here, you only get to see Olivia and the twins enjoying some Wii time.

After a whole week hanging with the cousins, we all trekked a few hours away to a family wedding on New Year's Day. Took a dip in the hotel pool, which was a highlight for Olivia.

The other highlight was, of course, dancing. She and her cousins did quite a bit of that.

Olivia and Daddy couldn't resist showing off her "cheer" pose. This was followed by a flip to the ground while holding Daddy's hands. It was a hit and the wedding photographers couldn't get enough!
Most of all, we just enjoyed spending time with our family and having some Christmas/New Year's fun. Happy New Year!

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