Monday, November 19, 2012

Catching up for early November

Holy Cow, this is a busy month!

I think I've mentioned that November is National Adoption Awareness Month or something. Well, this weekend was National Adoption Awareness DAY, although I can't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday. We've been a bit preoccupied here.

This was our first weekend in months that we didn't have something planned. That was great for two reasons. First, the weather was fantastic for getting outside and working in the yard. Second, the baby is sick and taking breathing treatments. Although he doesn't act sick, he has been wheezy and congested forever and has a bad cough. Chest xray suggests viral pneumonia. So it has been long naps and breathing treatments for him.

Anyway, catch-up time. Let's start with November 3rd.
Breakfast on our roadtrip to see birthmother

Saturday, November 3rd, we traveled three hours to visit Martin's birthmother for the first time since the hospital. She ended up needing to bring her three boys with her because her sitter backed out, but that was fine with us. We got to meet them, they got to meet Olivia, and everyone got along swimmingly. We met at McDonald's, ordered a stack of Happy Meals, and settled in for some QT with the birth family.

That visit was, unfortunately, not nearly long enough for any of us. But it was the start of  what I hope will be a long and fruitful relationship. I know that Martin feels loved and that we are enough for him right now. But some day, this first relationship is going to be important to him. I'd like us to be able to provide that ongoing connection so that his relationship with his birthmother is not weird, uncomfortable or upsetting for anyone.

I feel blessed by this child and his birthmother. I can't really explain it much better than that. It feels right.

Sunday, November 4th. We all went to a local music festival for kids, which was to benefit a music endowment named in honor of one of Olivia's first friends. Isaac was born just ten days before Olivia, and we used to go to playdates with them all of the time. I have mentioned Isaac before here. His parents have been tirelessly working to raise awareness of childhood cancers and honor their son with this endowment. We felt we really needed to attend.

It was absolutely a fabulous day! They had non-stop entertainment, including several choral and instrumental groups, dancers, story tellers and percussionists. They had craft stations where kids could make shakers, tambourines and other musical instruments. They had face painting and a photo booth. Olivia was completely occupied for the entire four hours! I'm not sure that has ever happened.

Musical instruments for everyone! Cacophonous!
She fell asleep as we drove home that night. I usually make sure she is clean and hair neatly braided before bed on school nights because she hates getting up early to do it in the morning. But as I tucked her in that night, straight from the car with tangled hair and paint still on her face, I resigned myself to ratty-ponytail-Monday. I wasn't going to worry about her appearance for school. I was just glad that my kid, almost five years old, was able to enjoy a fantastic day of fun and would live to see her fifth birthday.

Cancer sucks, but that little boy's life has blessed so many. Myself included.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

That's the pits that Marty is so sick. I hate seeing children suffer. I'm glad you meeting with Marty's birthmom went so well! It is nice to continue and build a relationship with the birth family ... I sure enjoy our relationship with Luke's birth family!
What a magnificent celebration for Isaac's life! That is truly special.