Friday, November 9, 2012

November happenings

Good heavens! This month is crazy. I had every intention of posting something every day, in NaBloPoMo tradition. But alas. The crazy has knocked me down. Here are a few things that have happened/will happen this week.

Last Saturday, we visited with Martin's birthmom for the first time since the hospital. That is a whole post in itself. Stay tuned.

On Sunday, we went to a kids' music fest to raise funds for a music foundation named for our friends' deceased son, whose 5th birthday would have been November 2nd. THAT is a whole post in itself. When I get time.

Tuesday was our anniversary. It was also, unfortunately, election day. I don't want to talk about it. We are blocking that day out of our minds and planning to celebrate the anniversary later, when the dust settles from all the birthday madness.

Wednesday, because of school and doctor appointments for the kids I watch, I was home alone with the baby all morning. This has never happened. It was bliss! I spent most of the morning cleaning in preparation for our post-placement homestudy visit that afternoon. Martin spent half the morning sitting on the couch telling me babble-stories in animated voices and the other half napping.

The visit went well. Martin greeted the social worker with a huge grin and then continued to entertain her for the duration of the 25 minute visit. She was smitten! She's off to write the report for the court finalization at the end of the month.

Wednesday night was parent-teacher conference. We heard that Olivia is a whip-smart kid who wants to be boss all of the time, but her teachers are dealing with that, and they love her and think she's delightful. And then we went to retrieve her from the play room and she produced the second of her lost teeth. Now she has a matching set of missing ivories, front and center, bottom row.

The first two teeth she got in...the first two teeth to fall out.
Thursday was my consulation about The Spot on my nose. Doc said it is a superficial basal cell cancer and we can shrink it with a topical solution...possibly even make it all disappear. If not, he will excise whatever is left later. So I have a month of cream to possibly fix the problem. For about two months, I'll have a huge red spot on my nose. But it should heal with no scar. So, good news, and rather anti-climactic.

Today, I have six dozen cupcakes to frost, two batches of chicken chili to make, gifts and party supplies to pack in the car, etc.

Tomorrow is Martin's baptism and Olivia's birthday party. Sunday is our own little celebration of Olivia's birthday. Monday is her actual birthday.

I really can't see past Monday right now, so I'll see you on the flip side.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Oh my gosh ... that's alot!!! I'm looking forward to your post about meeting Marty's birthmom. The first meetings are always nerve wracking, but hopefully ended up good in the end.
An early WELCOME to the Church, Marty! And an early Happy Birthday, Miss Olivia! :-)