Friday, February 1, 2013

February blues

Happy Catholic Schools week! We end this week by having pajama day, except at home, because of a weather-related school cancellation. Bummer.
Catholic Schools week - Camo day. This is what Olivia wore on Wednesday to school. The pink boots make the outfit, in my opinion.

Today has been a challenge. I have this kid I watch who is five years old and has some sort of severe anxiety issue. She has been off-and-on crying all day. It gets worse in the winter (warm months are markedly better). And I'm not a big fan of January and February anyway, and then school got canceled for ice and severe cold (negative windchill numbers), and Anxiety Kid is refusing to engage in any sort of play and Olivia is frustrated that she won't play with her, and I guess I'm feeling a little boxed in here. Or a lot.

I'm volunteering to help out at a consignment sale (baby and kid clothes) tomorrow, and I'm going early to shop. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that. The women who run this sale have become friends, and I just really need to get out of the house, by myself, away from children. Even though MY kids are not the ones driving me crazy. Nevertheless, I have been looking forward to this sale all week.

Meanwhile, Martin has been giggling at me all week. He is such a little ham. He watches you until you look at him, and then he squeals and laughs. He is such a mood-booster.

I shared that mood-boosting cuteness with his birthmom today via oovoo. I love that technology allows us real-time connection even though we are separated by 3-hours of driving distance. Martin was accommodatingly adorable and smiley.

Also, he is in the middle of cold # 63204, or something like that. Poor kid can't stay healthy. Luckily, he is so good natured that he hardly notices that his face is full of snot.

Not sure how we got so lucky.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Ugh, colds have hit our house too. I don't think we've had quite so many, but I'm so glad Marty is a good sport. I've got to hog-tie Luke to wipe his nose. Thank goodness for Boogie Wipes or his little nose would be RED!
I've been to a consignment sale a few months ago & scored big time with some new toys for Luke at VERY reasonable prices. I am thrilled to attend another one! So lucky you can go (or you went)! They are FUN!!! :-)