Friday, March 15, 2013

7 for Friday

I don't have much to say here today. But it seems like something should be said after a week such as this.

1. It appears to be beautiful out today, although I haven't actually been out yet. We have had a weird sort of weather this week, producing random snow flurries almost every day. It was just so COLD. I mean, it's mid-March. We are supposed to take a turn for the warm already.

2. And then there was Wednesday. Yeah. I pretended to try to get stuff done while mostly remaining glued to the TV. And then there was white smoke. And then, to my surprise, I was sobbing. I couldn't stop for 10 minutes. And then the new Pope was announced, and I started sobbing AGAIN. There's just something about witnessing history and the hope of that moment that got me at my very core. I still can't watch coverage of that day without emotion. It's kind of big.

3. Three of my family members (cousins) were in St. Peter's Square that day. I cannot even imagine what a mess I would have been having all of these emotions in the midst of all of those people, watching it happen.

4. I don't know a lot about Pope Francis yet, but what I have read so far is encouraging. I am confident that the Cardinals were led by the Holy Spirit and we have the Pope we need. I think the next few years are bound to be interesting.

5. In other news, we are preparing for a Spring Break trip in a couple of weeks. I have a folder full of activities and a long sheet of packing essentials. I have a box of Summer baby clothes packed and all of our swim gear. Oh, beach, how we long for you!

6. Here is a gratuitous pic of one of my cuties.
7. And that is all my brain can conjure up to write about today. The end.

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