Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vacation countdown

Oh you guys. Next week is Spring Break. And we are going to the beach. And it has been rainy and cold and dreary here forever and I am so very ready to go away.

But. There is the packing. So far, I have the baby's clothes and all of our swim gear packed. That was the easy part. Now I have to unearth Olivia's next-size-up Summer clothes and have her help me decide what she'd like to take. That is the hard part.

Also, there are all of these lists. Despite having Martin's clothes packed, I have a list of fourteen other baby essentials that must be packed at the last minute (things like bottles and shoes...stuff that is in use right now but must also go with us). I have also started such a list for Olivia and for us. I keep adding stuff to this list. And I'm starting to wonder if our van (seats 7) is big enough to hold the four of us and all of our STUFF.

But mostly, I'm just excited. Because, beach! And sun! And warmth! And also, beach! For a whole week!

What I'm saying is, yay. The end.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

:-) YAY!!! Catching up on blogs. 2 weeks with no internet ... hope you're having fun at the beach!