Monday, September 22, 2008

Cutting expenses

I've been working and reworking our budget, trying to squeeze some more money out of it so we accomplish more of the goals on our financial wish list (like stashing away more in college and retirement funds, save for #2, etc.). I'm trying to find ways to cut some expenses so we can do this more easily.

So I thought I'd ask the internet about it.

First, we are thinking of cutting cable out of our life. We watch entirely too much TV as it is, and 90 percent of what we watch (during primetime hours anyway) is network TV, so if we get an adequate antenna we should be covered there. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good antenna? Has it worked well for you? I have friends who get by with bunny ears on top of their TV (they live in the city, but still), so I figure we should be able to get good reception with a good outdoor antenna and booster.

Second, our biggest controllable expenditure is communications...cell phones, home phones, internet. Now, I'm NOT suggesting that we cut internet. I'm not sure either of us could handle that. My husband uses it for working at home (and often), and as for me, well it's my LIFELINE, people. It is my connection to the outside world.

I could, however, live without a home phone line. We hardly use it at all. I'm not sure how much it would save us, but it is a thought.

Also, we're considering a switch with our cell phones when our contract is up (November). We're with A*T*T*, and we're considering switching to TM*bile. Perhaps keeping one line on contract and doing the second line as a pay-as-you-go line. That way we have it in case it is needed, but we could use the contract line mostly. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions/recommendations to offer?

And here's the girl for whose college fund we would sacrifice cable and communications.

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Jen said...

You could look at VOIP for your home phone. I wasn't totally happy with the quality, but it is cheaper.

I cut off my cell phone recently and haven't gotten a new one yet, but when I do, I am planning on getting a pay-as-you-go Tracfone. From what I've seen, it is the cheapest.

Matt and I have saved a bunch of money by not going grocery shopping. I only go when we are totally out of groceries now, as opposed to once a week like I used to. It makes for some interesting meals though.