Monday, September 1, 2008

Holiday musings

Olivia is getting bolder with the walking. She can take five or six steps at a time now. Mostly, though, she'd rather crawl. After all, it is fast, easy and has little chance of leaving you with a black eye.

Also, tooth number six made its appearance yesterday. Now she has four on top (middle four) and two on bottom.

Olivia has developed this awful screeching scream that she uses now when she's really tired and really irritated. Like when it's naptime and you just took her toy away. Oh boy.

She's a little nap-deprived from the holiday weekend already, but since we have no obligations today until dinner, we are making every effort to get both of her naps in. Morning was no problem, but she was SO FUSSY for her afternoon nap. I think she finally fell asleep. I tried to calm her down, but eventually I just had to leave her in her crib to work it out on her own. She's so strong that she tries to fling herself out of my arms while I'm trying to bounce and shush her, and she gets pretty darn close to succeeding in that.

To bring this holiday post to a close, I leave you with this, in which Olivia walks a minute in my shoes.

Gee, Mom, I don't know how you do it all!

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Jen said...

She is just growing up too fast. It seems like just recently that she was a little tiny baby.