Saturday, September 20, 2008


I have a little more peace about the second adoption thing after doing some research and talking to another adoptive mom friend of mine. We have a pretty good idea about what our next plan of action will be, and although the timeline might be a little less predictable, I feel good about it. After all, Olivia came to us through no effort of our own. The whole match completely fell in our laps, and I can't explain it except to say that God just handed it to us. After thinking it through, I started to think that maybe the "business" of adoption isn't where we need to focus our energies. In other words, we don't need to pay the big bucks to ensure more control over the timeline and other details. Instead, we are going to trust God and go with our intuition, which is leading us to another agency. This agency specializes not only in adoption services, but also pregnancy counseling for women in crisis. They help empower women to choose life for their babies, regardless of whether they intend to parent or place for adoption. That makes me feel good. It may take longer to get a placement, but I think I'm OK with that.

Olivia is starting to get over her cold. She's not nearly as grumpy these days, and that's a VERY good thing. She's been working hard this week to improve her walking skills, and also to find new ways to get into trouble.

Yes, those are her diapers scattered all over the floor. She is fascinated by stacks of diapers, and I think it is because she knows she's not supposed to play with them. She has become an expert at finding things she's not supposed to play with. Like the lazy susan (the only think in the kitchen that hasn't yet been childproofed). And the window blinds. And the decorative jug that holds sparkly twigs and sits BEHIND a chest full of blankets so she won't bother it. She has started squeezing past the chest or trying to climb over it to get to the forbidden jug. *Sigh*

Yesterday, when we weren't looking, Olivia climbed the dining room chair and into her space-saver high chair (straps onto the dining room chair) and was just standing there looking all proud of herself. We had to remove the high chair to keep her from continuing to climb it. Sheesh.

Olivia has also mastered the art of the temper tantrum. At ten months. Boy are we in for a fun ride when she gets to be two!

Her new skills far outweigh the new challenges those skills present. Despite the fact that I have to physically remove her from the lazy susan at least 20 times a day, it's so fun to watch her show her little personality. And to know that in the midst of all her mischief, what she really wants is to get Mom's attention. I have to remember that when I get frustrated. It's rather flattering to be held in such high esteem, even by such a tiny person.


Jen said...

That sounds like a wonderful plan of action.

Lizzie said...

We'll start praying that another "fall into your lap" happens! It's always when you give up your will for God's that good things happen, isn't it?

Also, if Olivia is being so sassy now, maybe she'll get it out of her system BEFORE she's two! :)