Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Enough already

Sure, it looks fun.
But I, for one, am SO over snow.

Olivia and I spent a little time out today, but she was tired of the snow after about a half-hour and spent the rest of the morning doing this.

The problem with snow is that it screws up our routine and leaves us wondering what to do with ourselves. That's doubly hard with a toddler.

Plus, it screwed up my plans (again). I was supposed to meet with a high school friend tonight to work on plans for our 15 year class reunion. But, yeah, that will have to be postponed.

On that tangent...I was thinking about this particular friend yesterday. She lives in my old school district and her kids go to my old elementary school. We have another old friend who just moved back to the area, and her kids go to her old elementary school. Their kids will go to high school together. When I was in high school, I used to think it would be cool if my friends and I all had kids in school together and we could be Mom friends and hang out at ball games and swim meets. It's funny how time changes your perspective on such things. Not that I wouldn't enjoy hanging out with my old high school friends on occasion, but I think we'd be stuck talking either about the kids or about "the good old days" of our high school years. We've all changed so much, and our experiences are so different. We've lost that natural rhythm that comes with growing up together.

I'm not much into class reunions, to be honest. I helped organize the 10 year, and I spent most of the time at the reunion looking after details. I just didn't have much in common with most of the people anymore. And now that I can reconnect with nearly all the people I ever talked to in high school just by logging onto facebook, it seems like the whole reason for getting together has been removed. I don't know...it seems like the people who want to stay in contact have already done that, and they spend most of the reunion talking to those same people that they call or email on a regular basis. So what's the point?

But, the reunion coordinator was a best friend of mine in high school and needed help. And that's just what you do for old friends. Even if I will spend all of my time at the reunion talking to the four or five people I email on a regular basis and making sure the caterer brought enough chicken. That's just my role.

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