Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter, I am through with you.

It snowed again today. School was canceled again today. I had to shovel the driveway again today. Olivia has a cold again today. We are struggling with a battle of the wills again today. We are feeling the cabin fever again today.

I am so over winter. Have I said that lately?

Winter in these parts usually means cold, wet and mushy. It usually rains a lot and is muddy a lot. We usually get two or three "snow events" in which the snow is heavy enough to accumulate and cause some school delays or maybe even a cancellation or two. But it doesn't last long and is washed away in a couple of days when the weather warms up just a bit and it rains and makes everything muddy and ugly again.

But this year...this year we have had snow on the ground for more consecutive days than I can ever remember. We have snow falling on top of snow, which almost never happens here. And I'm sure that the schools have already used up their allotment of snow days and will have to push school another week in May/June...or more. Which means MY summer vacation will also be delayed (self-centered much?). Oh, and today? It is President's Day...a built-in snow make-up day which was supposed to be used to make up for a day they already missed. But instead it is a snow day.

The snow is pretty to look at and preferable in that way to the rain and mud. But all things considered...I'd rather have the rain and mud.


Olivia got a sleeping bag for Valentine's Day. Last night, she spread it out on the living room floor and sat in her sleeping bag and read books to us. Gotta love that kid.

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