Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Irrational arguments

I have a full crew of small people today for the first time in two and a half weeks. Everyone is finally well and also finished with Spring Breaks.

So today the kids treated me to a full performance of all the irritating and irrational arguments they tend to have on a daily basis. (It's interesting...when one or two of them are missing, these arguments rarely pop up. But when they are all here, it's all they do all day.)

1. "My grandpa. No MY papaw. No MINE. NO MINE!!!"
An irritating argument that begins because someone starts telling someone else a story about visiting Grandpa/papaw. And then someone else chimes in that she has a papaw. Then someone else chimes in that he has one too. Then the original story teller usually says, "No, it's MY Grandpa." To which the rest respond, "No, MY papaw." And so forth. Also works for Grandma/mamaw.

2. "I'm Olivia, you're Addie."
This usually only involves Olivia and Addie, but they don't play this game unless the others are there to witness the stupidity. This involves one of them, usually Addie, starting off by claiming she is the other person. So Addie starts by saying, "I'm Olivia." Which always gets Olivia upset and she starts saying, "No, I'M Olivia." Ad nauseum.

3. Screaming reprimands at each other.
I really, really hate this one. It involves me reprimanding someone (example, "Olivia, stop banging on the table.") And then the others start screaming at the person being reprimanded. "Stop banging on the table, Olivia. Stop it!" Which leads me to remind them that it is not their job to tell each other what to do or not to do. This, however, never stops them from continuing to shout at each other.

It feels like a Monday.

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