Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sounds and sufferings of Spring

You know how sounds and songs can evoke memories? I woke up this morning to sounds that always make me think of camping in the woods. Not that I've been camping all that many times, but once upon a time I used to go to 4-H camp every year and wake up in our stuffy, buggy cabins to the delightful sounds of nature outside. Birds chirping, wind rustling the many trees around... Now, when the weather is nice enough to leave the windows open, I can wake up to these delightful sounds. That's the benefit of living in a wooded area with minimal traffic noise. Except now I'm in my non-buggy house and my oh-so-comfy bed. And, oh, I would lay in that comfy bed and drift around in that half-conscious state listening to those nature sounds for a long, long time if given the chance.

Today is the essence of a perfect Spring day. The temps are warm with a cool breeze, the skies are clear blue and the sun is out. Our tree has sprouted just enough leaves to provide our play area with adequate shade. It's barefoot weather but not yet swimsuit weather. In my book...perfection.

And yet, while the children nap, I sit here and type. Instead of sitting in the shade with a good book, I am inclined to spend naptime listening to the birds through my open windows. Why? ALLERGIES.

It appears that pollen and I are not friends. Dust and I don't get along either (it gives me headaches), but that's a problem I deal with any time of the year. It is only at this time of the year, when the trees are blossoming and the flowering bushes bloom and everything is coming back to life after the long, depressing winter that I am plagued by itchy nose, throat and ears and the constant attack of the sneezes.

Oh, we get outside. It's too gorgeous NOT to go outside. I took the kids out twice this morning for short bursts. Olivia got a new bouncy house from her grandparents and the kids are breaking it in this week.

Bouncy house = Pure kid bliss

So we went out and had a wonderful time in our bare feet and short sleeves. And then we came in and I spent the next half hour sneezing and blowing my nose.

*Big Heavy Sigh*

It is supposed to rain tomorrow. Perhaps that will calm the pollen itchies for a few days. Regardless, I'm determined to enjoy this delightfully warm Spring weather, allergies or not.

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