Thursday, May 17, 2012

My brain is full. Need a dose of Summer vay-cay

I feel like something is slowly eating my brain away. I have projects going on here and there and then just when I feel like I have things under control, I go and forget a major for which I was responsible on the scheduling end...and then I just feel stupid.

(Luckily, the meeting is scheduled for Monday, next, and someone reminded me of it, and I have nothing else on the calendar and can still go. So I won't look THAT long as I remember to spend some time creating an agenda so we don't all end up staring at each other for an hour wondering what it is we were going to discuss.)

So. Three of my babysitting kids have their last day here  tomorrow and then won't return until the beginning of school in August. The other kids only come two days a week, so this marks the beginning of our Summer. Olivia's last day of school is Tuesday. And my other job (the non-babysitting Summer one) kicks into high gear this weekend. Things never, ever slow down in the Summer. Note to self: STOP EXPECTING IT TO HAPPEN!

We have two vacations scheduled in small one and one really big one. And there is planning and packing to do for both of those. And then there are these other responsibilities for other ministries that will continue to exist despite my tendency to use Summer as a big hole in the sand into which I can stick my head and ignore the rest of the world for awhile.

What I'd rather do? I'd rather be spending my days following my sweet four-and-a-HALF year old around Local Theme Park as she plays on the water slides and spontaneously breaks out into a dance routine to whatever upbeat tune is piping through the waterpark. She entertains me (and others) a lot with her spontaneous dancing. Ahhh, to live with such joy and lack of concern for anything outside of the moment...

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

I love the days when I can just be a vegetable and let myself recharge. It helps me cope with staying busy. I hope you can get a day in there to recharge yourself! Chasing a 4-1/2 year old around is not easy, I'm sure! :-)