Friday, May 25, 2012

Shiny happy day

Sometimes I hate hormones. Yesterday was just a bad combination of a certain time of the month plus babies and adoptions happening all around. (At least it seemed to be happening all around.)

Today, I called our local DCS adoption specialist about adopting through foster care. I got some excellent information and the specialist was so helpful. This is something that has been percolating in my mind for awhile, and I like the idea of pursing licensing while we are waiting on our agency to match us with a child.

So I skipped off to Local Theme Park, Olivia and friends in tow, with a much sunnier disposition than I had yesterday.

When we got home, I had a message about a promising lead from our agency. So. Do a little happy dance.

Essentially, things are still the same as they were yesterday. But these phone calls today...they give me a boost of hope. I'm not ready to be more specific about the lead. I just thought we'd move on from the depressive state of things we've had here and before I did that, I wanted to share my hope with you!

Have a happy day!

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