Thursday, August 14, 2008

Counting the cost

We got our final legal bill in the mail yesterday. FINAL BILL!

This should be the last bill we have that is associated with Olivia's adoption, so I got all the receipts out yesterday and added it all up. Our total for adoption expenses came pretty close to what I'd estimated in my head, but the number was still a bit shocking. I guess that's because when we first started this process and Olivia's birthmother was living in our state, the preliminary estimates for legal fees were much lower (MUCH half). Then came the ICPC process, and another attorney, and WAY more fees, and there you go.

When you write it all out on paper, it seems like a lot. But then you see this...

...and suddenly the numbers mean nothing. What we have is priceless. The money is just a minor detail on our journey to becoming a family.

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Jen said...

Well, all babies are expensive! Sometimes there is just a little more up-front cost. And she is totally worth every penny.