Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Endearing behavior

I feel like I've been writing a lot about some of Olivia's more frustrating behaviors, like climbing and getting into everything she's not supposed to have. While it's cute to watch her learn new things, it's also hard to keep up with her and make sure she's not hurting herself with some of the more potentially dangerous new skills.

However, one thing I've been noticing more and more lately is that Olivia has some very adorable, loving and sweet behavior patterns that have developed. Like these:

When I'm sitting on the floor and she crawls up into my lap to give me a hug, or stands up behind me to pat me on the back.

When she leans in for a sweet, open-mouth nine-month-old style kiss.

When she lights up with a big smile as soon as she sees Daddy drive up at the end of the day.

When she lights up and giggles when Daddy brings her in to our room in the morning to wake me up (he still gives her the first bottle of the day).

When she starts giggling in response to one of her toys making noise.

When she laughs and rolls on the floor, inviting me to play the tickle game with her.

When she claps and smiles at the end of a meal, as if she's applauding the good food I've prepared.

When she waves at passing cars or at Daddy when he leaves or comes home from work.

When she stands smiling in her crib, waiting for me to pick her up after a nap.

This child is so sweet and always ready to smile. She really is a very happy, content baby. We are so blessed.

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Jen said...

She sounds so sweet! There was a little girl in my daycare class (who was older) who used to kiss the top of my head while I tied her shoes.