Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nine Months Old

I think I mentioned last month that these monthly photo shoots are getting to be a challenge. I must have taken twenty pictures this morning, most of them featuring an effort by Olivia to leap off of the chair, but I did get a few keepers. She did a great job of smiling. Unfortunately, my camera is proving every day that it's not up to the task, so some of the best smiles are the pictures with the worst focus. Grrr...

I threw this photo in as a comparison shot to Olivia's 7-month photo shoot.

She seems to be getting taller. This is her at 7-months.

We'll find out how much she's grown later today. She has her 9-month check-up with her doctor, so I'll have all the vital stats later.

Some new things Olivia has learned in the past month:

*Stand unassisted (until she realizes she's doing it, and then she falls)
*Climb effectively (I caught her standing on top of her blocks table this morning, trying to get to the stuff on top of the folding table behind it.)

She's growing up so fast!


Jen said...

She is growing up so fast! I cannot believe she is nine months already! It seems like just yesterday that she was a tiny baby.

Lizzie said...

Only nine months to go from what I have to what you have? It's unbelievable.