Monday, July 6, 2009

I already used up my 15 minutes posting photos at my other blog.

I have a gajillion things to do during naptime today, and I intend to shorten naptime on purpose because staying up late two days in a row to watch fireworks made it difficult for Olivia to fall asleep on time last night. Or was it the fact that we let her (and us) sleep in past 8:30 for three consecutive days? Hmm...

Lovely weekend. Went to Local Theme Park with Grammy and cousins on Thursday, took Daddy to the zoo on Friday, had Grandma and Grandpa over for burgers at noon on Saturday and spent the late afternoon at Local Theme Park on Saturday. Normally, we wouldn't go anywhere near the place on a Saturday, much less one that is a HOLIDAY! They were hitting record crowds last Monday, so Saturday was pretty much out of the question. Except it rained...all day. And the temps were barely above 70 degrees. Not the ideal day to hit the waterpark, unless you really like to ride waterslides without waiting in line. Then? FABULOUS!

Olivia got to ride all of her fave rides, and Daddy got to ride all the rides he wanted too. There were seriously NO LINES. So we waited for him to walk up and then we watched him ride. We rode more in the four hours we were there than we could have ridden last Monday and Tuesday combined because of the lines.

It rocked. If it could have been 85 degrees and raining all day, it would have been better, but it was still nice.

We came back to the park on Saturday evening for their fireworks show.
And now we are all exhausted. Gotta get to my "to do" list now. Ta!

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Jen said...

I love it when theme parks empty out! We get that here during the off season and it is wonderful.