Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weird Weekend

The cousins didn't come for the reunion this weekend because of fevers, and Olivia ended up spending the whole weekend with a fever too. How they ALL got fevers at the same time even though they all live more than four hours apart is beyond me.

Our reunion visit was cut short when we realized that Olivia had a fever and it was high. She has been playing well and eating fine, but she's been running a fever for two days. We'll wait until tomorrow and see if she still has it before deciding whether or not to call the doctor.

It's when she's sick that I feel most like a Mom. The whole protective gene seems to kick in then, and I baby her a bit and pay closer attention to her cues and possible needs. Maybe it's also the fact that she's a bit more likely to want to snuggle close or be near Mommy. That always makes me feel important.

But I'd still like her to be well again...and soon. Fevers scare me a little.

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