Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who is this kid?

Today we have a busy sort of errand-ish day, but it is specifically scheduled around taking someone to the airport this afternoon. So all morning I'm trying to figure out just how to play I keep Olivia up and then let her nap for 40 minutes in the car and just let that be enough? Do I try to force her down for an early nap and then we can leave in time to do errands before doing the airport run AFTER she's had an adequate nap? Do we go out for errands first and then nap and then do the airport run?

I decided to play it by ear (let's face it...I ALWAYS do that). When she was grumpy around 10:00 a.m., I sat her down next to me on the couch and put on one of her favorite shows. Five minutes later I looked over and she was asleep.

WHAT?!? My child has NEVER done this. It was incredibly convenient because she can get a super nap in before we need to leave for errands, but WHAT IS UP WITH MY KID?

The fever that started on Saturday has finally subsided. The doctor seemed to think it was just a virus. But now she has this bumpy red rash all over her back and belly and face...kind of like hives. If I had hives, I would take Benadryl. But what do you do for a toddler? Call the doctor? Wait a day or two? Assume it is the end of the reaction to the viral thing? Maybe this is why she keeps sleeping so much...I don't know. Aauugghhh!


Lizzie said...

Sounds like roseola if the rash came as the fever broke. It's nice that it worked out for your plans anyway! :)

Stephanie said...

There is a common virus that is fever and sore throat, and a rash at the end. If she's not scratching it I wouldn't treat it; it'll go away in a few days. If she's scratching it, Benadryl never hurt anyone.

Sounds like she's still recovering, if she's falling asleep on you at 10 a.m. My children have never done that either, so I would be just as shocked as you were.

Have a good day!