Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family overdose

My oldest younger brother and his family came to visit this weekend. We had three days of cousin-palooza, starting with a swim party on Friday and topped off with a family hayride this morning after church. Olivia is tired (and so is Mommy).

See how she's just zoning out...?

Olivia had a lot of fun on Grandpa's farm with her cousins, and she'll be asking about them for days now. (She actually climbed into their van this afternoon and said, "Go home with Unka Brad?") Whatever we do this week will pale in comparison to this.

Olivia and Mommy riding on the haywagon. She's not sure how she feels about this.

Walking to the barn with Aunt Lori and Cousin Molly.

Trekking out into the tall grass of the field to chase the cat.

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Jen said...

We had a bit too much family here this weekend. It's fun, but there always seems to be so much recovery involved.